Introduction of Smart Ambience Therapy (SAT) :

SAT: A Smart Ambience that extends Art Therapy into the Virtual World

  • To use the body as a brush in virtual reality space. Body Brush will be used as a tool for communication and a creative emotional outlet for young clients recovering from physical/ or emotional abuse.
  • The body, acting as a paintbrush, can be seen as a unique process of accessing one's internal world, as it can help a client get in touch with emotional material through kinesthetic movements.
  • The body brush medium will be integrated into the art therapy process to help address feelings around grief and depression, distrust, fear and anger and low self-esteem resulting from abuse. What can emerge from this creative outlet are new feelings of self worth, strength, hope and coping strategies to deal with changes.
  • Through using this technique, a sense of mastery in using computer can be achieved. The client can also ‘get into' the image.

What is Body Brush?

Body Brush and Body Baton is the technologies developed by AIMtech Centre, City University of Hong Kong that captures and then translate body motion (energy) and gestures to 3D paintings and 3D sound respectively. The Body-Brush enables humans to interact intuitively with the machine to create a rich variety of visual forms and space.

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is based upon the healing properties of art in therapy. Art Therapy is a unique form of therapy, working with emotional, psychosocial and developmental needs, through engaging in the creative process. Through this creative process, personal material is explored within the safe holding of the therapeutic relationship.

In art therapy, the client makes use of a wide variety of art materials to produce images in the presence of a qualified art therapist, thus stimulating communication in a unique way, reaching beyond words. The process of art therapy enables clients to work through issues and move towards recovery and personal change, taking better control of their lives.