Demonstration of SAT :

In consultations with collaborating art therapists, a core game and graphic synthesis engine is built into the system of Smart Ambience Therapy. It supports various visual effects, sound effects and provides a flexible and extensible interface for game-logics implementation.

In the system, we have warm-up games and main activities for each session. These games and activities will be used in therapy sessions according the need of the art therapists. In the following, there will be video demonstration of the games and activities.

Click the links to see video demonstrations of SAT activities:

Warm-up games: :: Earth and Moon
:: Body Brush
:: Bubble Game
Main activities : :: Paint Splash
:: Face The Threat
:: Create Your Own Safe Place
:: Invite Friend to Your Safe Place
Demonstrations of development stage SAT:
Visual effects: :: Animated Drawing
:: Artificial Lifes